5 camping tips you should know


Camping is a great activity for those who love nature and enjoy spending some days experiencing its purity and beauty. However, if you want to go camping but are not prepared for this, it may be a too adventurous experience that you will remember all your life.

This is why you have to take a lot of things into consideration, so that you do not get to your selected camping place and realize you have forgotten an essential thing at home. It may ruin your weekend.

The “house”

You should carefully choose your camping “house”. You may think that comfort is not so important if you have the courage to live in the wild for some days. But, actually, it is. You will definitely seek this aspect. Choose the tent size that is good for the number of individuals that are coming with you. If you buy a bigger shelter than you need, you will struggle with installing it.

You can get your tent online, and there are many sites that offer high-quality ones at a fair price. This is a website I like.

We also recommend you to be careful while placing the tent. Pay attention to the wind, it is very important.


Poisonous plants

When planning to camp, be sure that you know the poisonous plants that grow in the area. If you are going with kids, you have to be very careful because, we all know that kids like to get everything that looks tasty into their mouths. You should pay attention to poison oak, ivy or sumac.



We advise you to buy sprays for bugs and ticks. It is well-known that ticks may carry Lyme disease and they may infect you if you do have the means of being bitten by one. So, it is better to avoid this. Just spray onto your socks, shoes or jacket.


Oh, these ones are really annoying. We recommend you to always put bundles of sage into your campfire. These will help keep the mosquitoes away and you will be able to eat and sleep peacefully.



If you are creative and artsy, you can save a lot of money on the decorations and make them by hand at home. You can paint some jars and put candles into them in order to have light in the tent. You may paint the jars in any color you want and the inside of your shelter will take the nuances of that color.

You can also buy long candles and attach them to stakes in order to make your evening more romantic. You just have to insert the stakes into the ground and light the candles. But always keep an eye on them!


The Perfect Beach Companion – The Old-School Boombox

What could be nicer than heading for the beach on a sunny day, with everything you need packed in a beach bag? There is just one detail I want to add, and that is a boombox. The good old school boombox is the perfect entertainment option for a day on the beach. While many may prefer listening to music on their iPhones or iPods, a boombox is so much better. It will not only make you look cool, but it will also provide you with the best opportunity to entertain your friends, too, and even make new ones. What I want to share with you now is a small list of pointers that will surely help you get the best boombox for your needs.


What kind of boombox is best for you?

People have different tastes when it comes to music, so it is natural that they have different tastes when it comes to selecting a boombox. You may think that these music players belong to an era long gone, but there are modern boomboxes produced by well known manufacturers that pack the latest technologies under the hood, while maintaining that vintage look that makes them so popular. Of course, if you really want to hold on to your hipster badge, buying a vintage model is highly recommended. Just don’t expect it to work flawlessly, and sound quality may not be the best either. Models that work with cassettes are vintage enough to be to your liking, but again, don’t expect music from old cassettes to sound like new CDs. If you want to come closer to our age, I suggest picking a CD boombox, or even an MP3 model, because this is how you will be enjoying the best of both worlds.

Battery life counts, and I mean it

Since you are going to take your boombox to the beach, get one with a battery that will last for at least a couple of hours. Nothing could be more annoying that having your boombox die on you while everyone is having fun and expecting the party to never be over. Basically, you will feel as destitute as the famous cartoon character King Julien when his beloved boombox died on him, that one time.

Bluetooth is a must

lan4Life’s luxuries soon become necessities as history teaches us, and this is especially true when it comes to Bluetooth. Get a boombox with Bluetooth capabilities so you can easily stream music on your player, directly from your smartphone.


For some more tips, you could also check out the Ebay guide.


Portable Bluetooth Speakers – Aren’t They the Coolest New Gadget?

Have you heard of portable Bluetooth speakers? Ever since I learned there was such a gadget available, I wanted one. Of course, many would argue that paying for extra speakers is an expense that does not exactly justify itself, but I beg to differ and I will explain it to you right away. I know you must already have a surround system at home, as well as headphones, so where do portable Bluetooth speakers fit in the picture? Well, I must tell you this: these speakers are great for any situation, and after using them only a couple of times, you will not want to leave anywhere without them.

But aren’t they unreliable? That may be the next thing you want to ask me. Back in the days, the first models of the kind were kind of bad, and their low battery life didn’t justify getting such speakers. A lot has changed since them and today you can find on the market some really badass speakers and you won’t have to break the bank for them either. Do you know how many places you can take the speakers with you? I even use them in the shower, because I like listening to great music. The sound quality is excellent and I have nothing to complain about.

Now, I know that you cannot just enter any electronics store, see some speakers and take them home with you. Most probably, you will end up with a low quality product that will disappoint you. What I recommend is to browse around for products with plenty of reviews from users. They will give you a clear idea about what models really fair well, especially in regards to battery life and sound quality, the most important features. Also, you can try sticking to well known brands because no manufacturer will compromise their hard earned reputation by making unreliable portable Bluetooth speakers.

Here is something I like having in Bluetooth speakers: cylindrical design. This way, the sound emitted has a 360 degree range, so you will hear it well, no matter where you are positioned versus the speakers. I also prefer my speakers to be waterproof, since, as I told you, I like listening to music in the shower. Also, if you plan on taking them along with you on trips to the great outdoors, a more rugged model, and waterproof, on top of that, will surely serve you well. Don’t forget about decent battery life, and you will be all set.



2 great headphones you can get under 100 dollars

When it comes to music, a true audiophile never compromises. But that doesn’t mean that one has to file for bankruptcy after making an expensive purchase. Good music can come at an affordable price of 100$ or less.

Here are two of our top picks for below 100 $ over-head headphones applicable to the general public. And just in time for your xmas shopping too!



Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


This highly prestigious Japanese design giant has left a deep footprint in the world of audio engineering. It made its way into the US audio markets with the portable record player “Mister Disc” and have established themselves as a reliable brand ever since. They’ve had the privilege of supplying professional mics and audio equipment for US Presidential debates.



The ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones can be used for professional studio monitoring. They are tuned flat for studio applications. They are priced at approximately 79$.


Features and pros

These headphones are cushioned cups which are 90 degree rotatable for easy single ear monitoring. They offer decent sound isolation and minimum noise pollution, making them quite suitable for use in public transport vehicles. These headphones come with 2 detachable cords, one 9ft long straight cable and one 4ft long coiled cable.



Having received very high user ratings and satisfaction, this pair of headphones is one of the best out there for this price range in the market. However, there are only a few challenges. They’re probably not the best for noise cancelling applications as they do tend to allow minimum noise while listening. They also offer a snug fit which may seem tight for some people, especially with glasses or hair bands.



Sennheiser HD 280 Pro


Bringing German Engineering to the forefront, few companies have made a bigger mark in the audio equipment world as Sennheiser. The name is synonymous with quality, fidelity, cutting-edge technology. Their MKH 416 short shotgun microphones became the standard for Hollywood microphones.



These are over ear cushioned headphones with a flexible and cushioned headband. They are dynamic stereo headphones that deliver accurate, linear sound reproduction and can be used for professional purposes. They clock in at the 100$ mark.


Features and pros

The most commendable feature that this device boasts of is the high degrees of noise attenuation of 32db. This would allow you to listen to your favorite tunes in open spaces or halls with people about with almost no sound leakage. The design is ergonomic to provide maximum comfort and also possesses rotating ear pieces. It is foldable for easy portability. The padded ear and head cushions and cords are easily replaceable.



Like our previous contender, these headphones also come highly recommended by users. They offer excellent noise attenuation and good ear padding. However, unlike the ATH-M40x, these headphones do not come with a detachable set of cords.

What’s a cassette adapter and why you should consider getting one

Shaped like a compact cassette on the outside, a cassette tape adapter or simply a cassette adapter is a nifty little device with internal components completely different from those of the object it resembles.

Where two linked spools of magnetic tape are found in a compact cassette, a cassette adapter features magnetic inductors and a series of gears that fool a tape deck into acting like it would with the real thing.

This type of device expands the functionality of the tape deck head unit to accommodate MP3s, CDs, and audio material from almost any source.

A magnetic tape acts as the storage medium of a compact cassette. The ‘recording head’ is the component that writes and rewrites data to the tape, while the ‘reading head’ is employed by the tape deck to read back that data into music and other audio content.

In the case of cassette adapters, they tap into the tape deck’s ‘reading head’ without using a magnetic tape. Replacing the spooled tape is a built-in inductor and a kind of audio input jack or plug. This can be in the form of a standard 3.5mm mini-plug in most instances and this component hooks into any MP3 or CD player and any similar device.

With the audio input linked to the audio player, a signal gets relayed to the integrated inductor inside the adapter. The inductor serves the role of a recording head. A magnetic field is produced and this corresponds to the data signal from a CD player or other related device.

The signal is interpreted by the tape deck, which really is unable to distinguish between a magnetic tape and the generated field by the built-in inductor. The head unit reproduces the audio signal like it was actually playing an actual tape.

Both a compact cassette and a tape deck are equipped with a feature that enables the tape deck to either cease or reverse the playback once the end of the magnetic tape is reached. The absence of a magnetic tape on a cassette tape adapter requires the presence of a mechanism to keep the head unit from ever reversing or stopping.

To achieve this, a series of gears works with a type of wheel component that mimics a continuously running tape with great effect. With a premium-quality component of this kind, the head unit takes the cassette tape adapter as an actual, perpetually running cassette tape.

A cassette tape adapter is useful in vehicles that don’t have integrated auxiliary ports in their stereo systems. An FM transmitter is a typical cassette adapter alternative. This type of device operates using external power. It changes the electrical signal of the audio source into radio waves channeled through a free FM bandwidth to a proximate FM tuner.