5 camping tips you should know


Camping is a great activity for those who love nature and enjoy spending some days experiencing its purity and beauty. However, if you want to go camping but are not prepared for this, it may be a too adventurous experience that you will remember all your life.

This is why you have to take a lot of things into consideration, so that you do not get to your selected camping place and realize you have forgotten an essential thing at home. It may ruin your weekend.

The “house”

You should carefully choose your camping “house”. You may think that comfort is not so important if you have the courage to live in the wild for some days. But, actually, it is. You will definitely seek this aspect. Choose the tent size that is good for the number of individuals that are coming with you. If you buy a bigger shelter than you need, you will struggle with installing it.

You can get your tent online, and there are many sites that offer high-quality ones at a fair price. This is a website I like.

We also recommend you to be careful while placing the tent. Pay attention to the wind, it is very important.


Poisonous plants

When planning to camp, be sure that you know the poisonous plants that grow in the area. If you are going with kids, you have to be very careful because, we all know that kids like to get everything that looks tasty into their mouths. You should pay attention to poison oak, ivy or sumac.



We advise you to buy sprays for bugs and ticks. It is well-known that ticks may carry Lyme disease and they may infect you if you do have the means of being bitten by one. So, it is better to avoid this. Just spray onto your socks, shoes or jacket.


Oh, these ones are really annoying. We recommend you to always put bundles of sage into your campfire. These will help keep the mosquitoes away and you will be able to eat and sleep peacefully.



If you are creative and artsy, you can save a lot of money on the decorations and make them by hand at home. You can paint some jars and put candles into them in order to have light in the tent. You may paint the jars in any color you want and the inside of your shelter will take the nuances of that color.

You can also buy long candles and attach them to stakes in order to make your evening more romantic. You just have to insert the stakes into the ground and light the candles. But always keep an eye on them!