Portable Bluetooth Speakers – Aren’t They the Coolest New Gadget?

Have you heard of portable Bluetooth speakers? Ever since I learned there was such a gadget available, I wanted one. Of course, many would argue that paying for extra speakers is an expense that does not exactly justify itself, but I beg to differ and I will explain it to you right away. I know you must already have a surround system at home, as well as headphones, so where do portable Bluetooth speakers fit in the picture? Well, I must tell you this: these speakers are great for any situation, and after using them only a couple of times, you will not want to leave anywhere without them.

But aren’t they unreliable? That may be the next thing you want to ask me. Back in the days, the first models of the kind were kind of bad, and their low battery life didn’t justify getting such speakers. A lot has changed since them and today you can find on the market some really badass speakers and you won’t have to break the bank for them either. Do you know how many places you can take the speakers with you? I even use them in the shower, because I like listening to great music. The sound quality is excellent and I have nothing to complain about.

Now, I know that you cannot just enter any electronics store, see some speakers and take them home with you. Most probably, you will end up with a low quality product that will disappoint you. What I recommend is to browse around for products with plenty of reviews from users. They will give you a clear idea about what models really fair well, especially in regards to battery life and sound quality, the most important features. Also, you can try sticking to well known brands because no manufacturer will compromise their hard earned reputation by making unreliable portable Bluetooth speakers.

Here is something I like having in Bluetooth speakers: cylindrical design. This way, the sound emitted has a 360 degree range, so you will hear it well, no matter where you are positioned versus the speakers. I also prefer my speakers to be waterproof, since, as I told you, I like listening to music in the shower. Also, if you plan on taking them along with you on trips to the great outdoors, a more rugged model, and waterproof, on top of that, will surely serve you well. Don’t forget about decent battery life, and you will be all set.